Monday takes us back to school and a busier routine than on the weekend. Luckner’s Aunt died and he was busy attending to details for the family and was in and out of the office so Karen was busier than usual there and because she has a bad foot and having trouble walking she stayed put. You know there is something wrong when she is sitting still for longer than 20 seconds and she has actually been sitting for a half hour at a time.

We got rid of the last 2 goats and now just have to send the photos to those who bought them.

Goats are gone

Jim is very busy doing computer work so we will wait until he is done before we send them out. Jim does get out of the office some BUT he does spend the bulk of his time there.

Shondi & Sandra went to school to help with the parachute and playdough and cookie cutters for Mariah’s class. We had fun time on the field then back to class. The children did really well with their playdough and no one ate it. There was a new student there and the kids thought it quite amusing and then were impressed with his playdough skills.

The parachute


Dickie perfects his play dough skills

Mariah got her braids taken out and we went off to Verrettes to get relaxer for her hair and for other needed things at the Pharmacy. There is always a fight for the back of the truck…everyone wants to sit out there.

Losing the braids

Antionette came back to work on Karens’ foot and leg and gave Sandra a good massage on her bad leg too.

Tuesday brought the construction crew to the roof of the Security Tower and it was interesting to watch them take the concrete up in buckets.

Pouring the roof

Shondi did the payroll and paid the employees, helped with Mariah’s class and disappeared for a long time and no one knew where she was.


Dickie painted shelves for the children’s bedrooms and went to Mariah’s class to see the kids.

Cabinet Painting

Jim played soccer with Mariah’s class in the field, and worked on computer all day again.

Mariah’s class

Karen was at the school office and taught English to grade 8, albeit on one foot.

I had the awe full task of having 2 babies to myself….Jonathon & Sandra and then Ti Luc and I played for an hour or so before we walked along the canal.

Everyone watches the video on the camera at the same time.