No School – Say What???

The kids have all been off school this week. School was closed due to elections and exam marking for the teachers. Needless to say the compound has been noisy and busy with everyone around. Mid-morning yesterday I thought my hearing was shot – except I could hear car traffic and birds singing. I went out on the compound and asked the house-mothers where all the kids were. Oh they all went to Kay Luckner’s for the day. Say what? How did I miss that information? I felt like Jay on Modern Family, “I only understand about 30% of what goes on around here!”

Anyway this morning everything is back to normal and the compound is a beehive of activity with kids on a sugar high from yesterday. There is lots of noise, shouting, laughing, talking, playing, crying and the busyness that we know and love.

Computer Club

In July Beate started a computer club with the older kids. I have recommenced the club with meetings 3 times a week for an hour. HATS had some very nice laptops donated and we are putting them to good use. I brought two educational games for them and they are learning how to type (not the 2 finger hunt and peck like me) and a mathematics arcade game which they love.

The Prof and the students


JJ, Moise, Leika, Djemima and Dieumel enjoy the class and are working hard too.

I attached Ti Luc’s keyboard to a board and set up a computer station for him. It is amazing to see him type with both feet and his math skills are remarkable.

Ti Luc at his computer station