Keith and Joan left this morning for their other home in Montreal. The kids were sad to see them go as were the staff and Karen. Mike and I however were panicked! What will we do now? How will we communicate with the kids? How will we figure this all out? However, Keith and Joan have left us with many instructions and Karen is here to keep us in line!

Keith saying goodbye to the kids


Hugs goodbye from Joan


Karen saying goodbye to Keith

Not long after the departure, the gate opened again to visitors! Missionaries to La Gonave, Haiti, Robin and Beth Churchill arrived along with their children and a friend who was visiting them from their home in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. How exciting to see friendly faces from home! Germaine cooked up a great meal for us to share with our guests.


Churchill family came to visit

We gave them the tour of HATS and got caught up on their work with WISH (West Indies Self Help) on La Gonave Island. It is great to see different missions connect with each other and share stories. Perhaps we will be able to visit the Churchills on La Gonave before we leave Haiti in a few months.

Churchill family leaving again for La Gonave

Mike has completed his third hockey game since arriving in Haiti and has not even succumbed to heat exhaustion yet! Anne and Leica are pretty stiff competition for Mike on the hockey floor. And Ti Luc is an awesome goalie (with his feet!).


hockey with the little ones


Nicki in goal…with a lot of help from Judel

Well, not all sporting events are high energy here. Mike plays soccer here with Sonson…you have to adjust the game to the child…because it’s all about the children here at HATS!

Mike and Sonson playing soccer.


~Mike and Nicki