I want to post some photos on the blog but have little time to write. I promise to write soon. A photo is worth a thousand words so there is a great message here.

Mama with three mouths to feed at same time

Kids were ill for a few weeks – one after the other. The cold/flu just seemed to go around and around. Now the employees are ill and it is getting them – 2 and 3 at a time – Jessie, Seth, Magalie, Antoinette are all ill and an hour ago Naomie came up for meds as she is going under.

Djeumima (Mima)
Leica with Anne

School report cards were given out today so this year is officially finished. Luckner and I are already planning next year. Speaking of school – during the writing of exams a big snake got into the preschool classroom. I was so very sorry I was stuck supervising a group of grade 7 and 8 students, who like to cheat, so I could not go see it or take photos. Luckner says to tell brother Don he wishes he could have seen it. It was 10 plus feet long and as big around as Luckner’s arm. Not the normal small ones we see. Most Haitians are fearful of snakes. At the school that day a lot of the kids were scared and teachers were worse. There were a lot of screams and people running. I wished I could have run towards it with my camera.

Win or Lose Canada is tops.
Ti Luc holding Baby Sandra
Cutie Pitutie Anne
Karena enjoying cookies
Mirlande trying to carry Karena
Seth opening depot door USA style again
Seth can’t open padlocks but is good with kids
My gorgeous big boy JJ – turning white

My bed is calling my tired body and my brain has already shut down so thats all for now folks. Stay tuned and I will do a better job next time.

Blessings to all of you.
~Karen and kids

Bonus Pictures below

Anne and Dieunel


Dieunel enjoying attention from 2 more of our visitors




Let’s get moving folks




Mme St. Ardieu’s job much better now


Papa & petit at school – report card day


Pastor Lawrence and Karena


Report card day. My kids front row


Sandra ready for church


Visitors holding 4 kids and all 4 asleep


Ti Luc saying anything you can do I can do too