This has been another great day in Haiti. We were all up by 0600. We had pancakes for breakfast which is a favourite of everyone. It was one of the least noisy nights since we arrived, which makes for a better sleep.

Early this morning I saw the neighbour climbing a coconut palm tree. He was fascinating to watch. He climbed barefoot with no mechanical aids carrying a machete then began to harvest most of the large palm fronds from the top of the tree. When he had gotten all he wanted he threw the machete to the ground and after knocking off a single coconut climbed down. A couple of hours later on our way to the school we saw him heading to the marked with the results of his labour.

up or down, equally easy with experience
harvesting Palm fronds


newly woven privacy screen heading for market

I spent most of the day doing small odd jobs, from fixing the truck door to stopping a leak in a washing machine. Doing the jobs is easy, it is trying to find parts or proper tools that take the time. I have been cleaning up the tool room and putting away duplicate tools which will help the next work team. I also posted a large sign
asking for help to keep it organized and clean.

Sandra was busy all day doing jobs for Karen. She even has her own desk. Some food was given out but some of the chickens have not arrived yet. She spends a lot of time answering the door and diverting calls needing Karens attention. Jim was busy working on Karens computer. We also put together a clothes rack for the Reimers apartment and transported that and 3 mattresses to the apartment.

assembling clothes rack, who needs instructions?

We all helped feed the children today at School, which we all really enjoy. I saw a lady fixing TJ Kerrys belt at recess this morning and I went over and asked her if she was his Mama, she was and posed for a picture. TJ is sponsored by the Yarmouth Wesleyan Church Kids Club.

Sandra helping feed the kids at school


Dickie and Sandra with TJ and his mom

Jim and I just got back from the Kids home where we had devotions and played with the children for a little while.

We really enjoyed having Pastor Dave and Jess Buckle here for a week. They fit in really well and were a tremendous help to HATS. They got to Canada with no problems, which is a blessing.