Hi everyone, this is our first Sunday back at HATS. I thought I would share with you what church looks like here at HATS. Now church at HATS is always interesting. Always the same with lots of variations so you are not always sure what is coming next.

Everything that is needed for the church service has to be taken over to the church.

The table that the young ladies use to lead us in singing, thanks to Vladimy who carries is over and back on his head. The books that we use to sing together…those of us that need them of course. The kids themselves know all the songs by heart. And they love to sing.


The water that is needed half way through because it is so hot and some of the children walk a long way to get to church. They are happy to share the 6 or 7 glasses amongst themselves…it is the Haitian way.

It’s the drums and tambourines that liven up the singing. Did you know you can make a drum out of 4 pieces of wood nailed together to make a square and then wrapped with clear packing tape? Makes a great bass sound to sing along with. Judel was having a whale of a time beside me today keeping the beat.

During the service there were a few groups that sang.  One was a group of the older kids who decided last year to get together a couple of times a week to sing together. You can see JJ playing the bongos with a great deal of skill. The HATS kids themselves, including the little ones, Magdala and SonSon, were one of the groups. A few of the older boys got up to sing and all of sudden Jofky, who is 5, ran up and joined in, and was welcomed just like that. To hear the children singing and knowing that the words they sing can bring them hope and joy in life is a blessing.



Although I did not understand much of the message given by one of the young men in the church, Josue, I did come away with the thought that Jesus is always with us. He is with each of the children that was there this morning, helping and guiding them in their lives.