Our HATS children really enjoyed their Christmas festivities.  They chose to do things according to their culture with the special Christmas meal and their gift on the 24th.

On Christmas eve before doing anything we had the Christmas story and sang Happy Birthday Jesus in three languages.  Mama Karen had planned on a birthday cake too but due to some serious time restraints and energy level the cake did not get done.  Perhaps another year if there is help available.

Three of our boys received soccer balls in their gift bags.  While waiting to be called in for their Christmas dinner Ti Luc kicked his new ball which struck the plumbing pipe outside the kitchen in girl’s home.  Oops, water everywhere.  Papa Luckner came to the rescue and did repairs with help from JJ.  The dinner then went ahead on schedule.

Christmas Eve – Gifts are ready.


Waiting for Christmas festivities to begin


This beauty is happy with her gift


Yummy Christmas Dinner at Kay Timbermart


Our plumber, Papa Luckner, called out in the dark Christmas eve to repair a pipe due to a soccer ball hitting it

This was followed for the first time this year with them all receiving a Christmas stocking on the morning of the 25th.  They were delighted with this addition and already asked if it could be continued each year.

Stockings ready for excited kids


Sandra and Anne


Markenson and Jonathan

A big thank you to the people in my awesome home town of Springdale, Newfoundland for the stockings themselves and for gifts and treats to put in them.  The kids loved receiving a stocking.

After stockings Christmas morning we piled into the truck and went to Borel to sing ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas’ to friends, Bim and Tim.  That was good for Mama Karen as well as the children. While at Project Help our kids decided we really need a dog again.

Our kids are asking for another dog


Magdala and Sonson unsure of something

Saturday the 26th, all the older ones (Judel and up) spent all day playing outside this admin building. They have all been doing construction with blocks, doing lots of talking and laughing, and having a wonderful time.  It does my heart good to see and hear them having a great time together, and making their own fun.

Playtime with blocks and dolls


Small town construction

Sunday afternoon we had a visit from friend, Bim from Project Help, along with a large team from the US who had arrived Saturday. They brought two guitars with them and we had a singsong, which was followed by a walk along the canal.  The afternoon was so thoroughly enjoyed by our kids that they requested a repeat.

Project Help team with guitars for a singsong


Sonson with his new friend


Climbs trees even better than JJ and Moise

Today, Monday, the employees have returned to work and things are running normally once more – well until Thursday, 31st, when they work half a day again.  They are off on January 1st and 2nd to celebrate Independence Day in Haiti.

January 4th the holidays are over and all employees return to work.  January 5th is an even more important day as our family team, plus, two arrive.  Karen is very eagerly awaiting their arrival – for company and for a LOT of help.  She is happy to admit she needs a lot of help and that HATS absolutely cannot run well at all with only one person on site – not good for HATS and not good for that one person.  Thank you God help is on the way.

Thank you to all who have blessed this mission and made it possible for our children here onsite and at the school to enjoy Christmas festivities.  May you all be richly blessed in return.

H A T S – H A I T I    I S    A L L    A B O U T    T H E    C H I L D R E N