Six weeks till Christmas!!! Yup, just 42 days. Looking for that perfect gift? Don’t know what to buy the relative who has everything? How about a giving them a goat or a couple of chickens? Yeah I know they are hard to wrap but HATS will look after that for you. The gifts will be distributed to needy families in the area and those connected with the school.

A goat is $80.00 and a chicken only $15.00, or two for $25.00.

Check it out on the Hats website to order:

Food and-chickens help a local family

More on Christmas – the Christmas lights came out of storage today and will go up tomorrow. They will be already for Karen’s daughters and grandchildren’s visit over Christmas. Also; while we are on the Christmas theme: HATS have closed their Agape address in Florida. All mail and Christmas cards will need to be electronic or go to the Yarmouth, NS address on the web page.

Karen, the mother, not Karen the school administrator, was summoned to the school this morning. The birthday boy Moise is not doing very well in school. He would rather play hockey and soccer than study. I hope he doesn’t see this blog, but so would I. Anyway, I am sure Moise’s life is about to change until his grades improve. Education is too important to waste, especially in Haiti. The kids are very well disciplined and  behaved and this will be good for Moise in the long term.

Moise does love his hockey

I got day parole for good behavior this morning for 2 hours. Yeah, first time off the compound in a week! Accompanied by my parole officer, Karen and armed escort, Richard we made a trip to St. Marc and the bank. Traffic was not too bad and the bank wasn’t busy either. The legal withdrawal was in American and Haitian dollars. Except; there is no such thing as Haitian dollars, just the Gourde which is 1/8th of an American Dollar. Go figure……

We returned to some odd jobs, homework then a hockey game. That was interrupted by Karen and an ice cream treat and cake for everyone. We were celebrating another birthday. Moise turned 11 today. Good times!!

Icecream and cake in honour of Moise’s 11th birthday


Birthday boy