It is always fun to have an opportunity to give the kids here at HATS something that is just theirs, no sharing necessary. Thanks to a friend of mine in Montreal, her children, her friends and their children the kids here at HATS had Christmas in March on Friday.

Sonson loves his puzzle


TiFi says thank you

A big thank you from the kids here for all that you sent. Each child received a bag or box with gifts that were bought especially for them. Some even received a letter from the person who put the package together. Mama was kept busy translating the letters and each child was touched that someone they did not know would take the time to write to them. Those letters were carefully put back in the bags to be kept and read over and over.

Moise Leica and Djemima with their letters


JJ says thank you


Mama translating for Dieunel

As each bag was opened you could see surprise and pleasure at what was coming out of the bag or box. Little Magdala was a bit afraid of her big red monkey until Mama Karen put it around her neck and if Mama wasn’t afraid then there was nothing for Magdala to be afraid of.

Magdala and her new best friend


Karena Sandra and Markenson comparing gifts

Jofky was thrilled with his coloring book because of the maze puzzles in it as he has just taken an interest in those kind of games.

Jofky and his new book


Judel can’t wait to open his gifts


Jonathan Anne and Josie say thank you


TiLuc is very happy

Thank you for making this happen because it is all about the kids!

Everyone enjoying Christmas in March