I’m out of bed today and feeling a bit better after a full day of rest yesterday.  Today I feel like I’ve been run over by a van instead of a bus 🙂

Ariane & Sandra

Dana’s blogs have been so funny and full of interesting information, that I’m a bit intimidated in following her so this will be short and sweet.

Birthday greetings for Alexa after morning devotions

Sunday we had the chance to participate in the Christmas service at the church.  Church was to start at 2 pm.  By 2:30, we had about 2 dozen people milling around and the singing began.  By 3 pm, we had about 80 people and by 3:15 pm, there were close to 200 people in church.  The service consisted of lots of beautiful choral singing, a less-than-inspiring mini-sermon by yours truly, some great special songs prepared by some individuals and groups and prayer.  The most inspirational moment was a special song sang by my godson, Josue, on the one-year anniversary of the motorcycle accident that killed his older brother and seriously injured Josue.  He sang with joy and gratitude in the face of incredible tragedy in his life.

Ariane in church

After church, we handed out small gifts to everyone from preschool to adults who attended the service with some school supplies, little gifts, snacks, candies and pop.  It was a LONG process and by the time we were done at 6 pm, we were handing out gifts in the dark.

Boys happy with their gifts


Dana handing gifts


Happy boy with gifts


Happy preschoolers


Jared handing out gifts


Karen handing out gifts


Tevan and Alexa handing out gifts

Yesterday the kids played together and the IMKH school had their Christmas party with rice and beans and pop for everyone, music and dancing.  Turns out Ronel, my sister’s son, is quite a fine dancer!

Preparing lunch for school party


Dancing at the party


Mariah & Luckner dancing

Today we will celebrate Christmas with staff gifts this morning, a shared meal with the children’s home this afternoon and then gifts for the children.  Everyone is excited.  The staff (besides the house moms) will be off from noon today until Dec 26th.

We’ll post photos of the party later today.