Haitians celebrate Christmas the evening of 24th. This year I pushed for the 25th but I was out voted again.

Christmas eve morning Ti Luc received a special Christmas gift of a goat. He was one happy little boy to have his own goat. He, however, was sad when he found out it could not come and live on our compound. This year HATS has been purchasing goats and blessing families in Haiti for people who wanted to give them as Christmas gifts to family and friends. Twenty families have been blessed here with a goat or chickens. People in Canada have been blessed with a photo of the people here with their gift. They know their Christmas gift is making a big difference in the lives of people here. A win/win Christmas gift giving. My sister and brother-in-law wanted to give me a Christmas gift of a goat which thrilled me. They asked me to chose someone that meant a lot to me and I did just that. I chose my special little boy who has been involved in all the goat giving and photo taking and who wanted one too. Luckner is keeping it for Ti Luc, with his own goats, and Ti Luc can go see it whenever he wishes.

Ti Luc & his goat (Gift S&D to Mama K)

Yesterday before Christmas dinner at the Kid’s Home JJ decided they needed a Christmas tree for the occasion. He found a branch, put it in a can of sand, put it in the home, decorated it and placed toys under it as gifts. Good thinking on his part. The kids enjoyed a special meal with the meat of their choice – goat – with treats and goodies after. At 4:00 we moved up and had the gift opening by the big tree. Wow, my kids were blown out of the water by their two gifts – one came with Mandy and her daughter, from their family in the US, and the other came with the workteam with Liette. Thank you to everyone who helped with these fabulous gifts for the children.

Christmas tree by JJ at Kid’s Home

Mirlande is seen here proudly holding her lovely clothes received from Mandy’s family. Today all the children are dressed up in their new duds.

Mirlande. with gift from Mandy’s family

JJ, Moise and Ti Luc were thrilled with their gifts of tools ‘real’ tools. Now they are awaiting to assist the January team with the work they will be doing while here.

Two happy boys


Have tools – want to help

Most of the girls got dolls and they quickly became great little mothers (ti mamas) .

Happy Ti Mama Leica


Ti Mama Karma

Today, 25th, I took six of the children for an enjoyable and chilly (for Haiti) early morning walk along the canal. The sky as the sun was rising was beautiful.

Christmas Day Early Morning Walk


Christmas Day Back from our walk

This morning we had a lot of people on our compound with guns, but it certainly was a friendly group. We had a visit from the UN stationed in St. Marc, led by Canadian Martin Gauthier. My kids were excited to see the big trucks pull in filled with men in uniforms with big guns.

Christmas Day UN visit

While here Martin presented all the children with a quilt made by retired teachers in Quebec. O Happy Day. The quilts are beautiful and will keep the children warm at night for this period when it does actually get chilly when sleeping.

Martin giving kids their own quilts

It was good for me to have a Canadian onsite for a short time today, the 25th, to be able to speak with an adult, and in English to boot, and to feel a little part of Canada was here.

Karen & Martin – Canadians in Haiti Christmas Day

Christmas here with my children is special but I must admit to having some longing in my heart to be in Canada right now. I am missing my family, west and east, a great deal.

Today there is another big special meal for the children complete with lots of fruit and chocolate. Now I am going to watch HATS videos with my kids that were done in 2004 and 2006 so Vladimy, Mirlande, JJ, Moise, Ti Luc and Josie can see what they were like four and six years ago. Should be fun.

Thank you so very much to all who provided Christmas funds and gifts to make things so special for my children. January 1st and 2nd are big holidays in Haiti, when they celebrate Independence Day, so your gifts of money will provide food and goodies again on those days.

May God bless all of you as you too celebrate Jesus’ birth.

~Karen and kids