Now its way late …so this will be a small blog . Today Karen’s daughter and her friend got here and so we are chatting up a storm …about Haiti 🙂

So, as this is Sunday we were greeted this morning by some beautiful children in their “Sunday best ” 🙂  Oh how i wish you could have seen them . Then we headed over to church and God washed all our sorrow away..”I traded my sorrow…for his joy !” There was church worship, and children singing in groups and lots of solos’ from the tiniest to the oldest….and yes- our Rosanna was right there with them 🙂 After Rosi and I gave a little message on how all of them are made unique and special in God’s sight and how God put a yearning in their hearts to know him and love him .PS 42
I don’t know, it thrills me so to know that in Christ we are ONE all across the oceans.

Sunday worship


Sunday morning church service

The afternoon brought more office work and I could help a TINY bit…Rosi finished all of what she set out to do ( I think 🙂

After that we had the cutest Birthday party for Karena , Moise and JJ….oh Yeah ! With cookies and drinks and gifts that Liette brought.
It was so fun.

Nov birthday kids Moise, Karena, JJ


Enjoying the birthday party


Party gift time

Tomorrow we appreciate your prayers as we head out to St Mark to work with YFC-Haiti to hand out all the food, sanitary bags etc etc that we made … No worries , it’s all organized:)….I can see some of you gasp 🙂 It will be a big day , but Mariah – Karen’s granddaughter is coming and will help us translate etc. It will be a good day . I am praying that God will open the right doors to know where things need to go , or where they need to be left. Good communication with the YFC-Team , safety, health …..and lots and lots of love !!

I will give the other two beautiful ladies a chance to say hi !

Liette & Yvette

Hi, it’s Liette and Yvette here.  We arrived safely today and were greeted with happy shouts and big hugs as soon as the children came back from church.  Our day was spent doing some organizing and just spending time with the children.  We are very happy to be here.  Tomorrow we start the big job of getting the school students’ photos and sponsor letters written. We’re so grateful for all of Rosanna’s hard work organizing the school lists into easy to use Excel spreadsheets – your work will make a difference for many years, Rosanna!!!

Yvette and I are off to lie under the stars on the roof before we head to bed.  Love and hugs!