The kids were all pretty excited last evening as Keith, Joan, Daniel (security) and the bus driver pulled into the yard.  The kids were not the only ones excited…Karen was beaming too!   There were greetings, hugs and kisses for and by everyone. We had a lovely evening sitting in the galley having supper and talking.

I used 3 blankets last night!  I needed nothing until 3 AM then had all 3 on by 4:30 AM!  I am sad that I only have 2 more nights there looking at the stars as I fall asleep.

Everyone on deck early, as usual. I am always the last one up and I am never later than 6:00.  We ate together for breakfast and then everyone went in different directions, as usual. We will gather for lunch again.  I made bread this morning and am on for hummus this afternoon.  My work is soooo hard!

Physician Assistant staying in touch with Dr.Bob

Have had lots of people coming for food today.  They are very happy and thankful.

3 students taking food home to their families


Preschool 1 student going home with food gift that is bigger than she is.

Joan and Keith are off on an adventure today to Saint Marc to get groceries for themselves and a list of other stuff for the Mission.  They are going with Richard (security).  Hope they have stories to tell when they get back.

Keith is a BAD influence on Jim and Dickie…he has been here less than a day and already he has them lying down on the job!

Lying down on the job


Children’s Home washing machine being fixed by Mr. Fixit Dickie.

A chilly night again and a scorcher of a day today.


We went to devotions at the school again today and then everyone went in different directions to get their chores done.

We had government officials here for lunch and for a meeting of all the employees at 12:30 and as I write this they are still in the meeting (2:05).  The kids are happy because they get to watch a video while all employees are in the meeting,  Keith is standing guard at the gate and the children’s home…meeting ended at 3:00pm and everyone seemed happy.

Afternoon walk


Sisters and brothers on our walk


Two of HATS brothers and a friend


Evening devotions and goodbye Dickie, Sandra and Jim.


Evening devotions.  Not much light in the house.

We are off at 4:30 am tomorrow and are hoping for great trip home. We go to Fort Lauderdale then Jim heads to Los Angeles and Vancouver and we head to Philadelphia and Halifax.  It has been a wonderful time here with Karen and the children and we will all be sad as we pull away.

Goodbye from Haiti