Everyone is busy and no one here to write a blog right now and time is running out so you are stuck with me again.

Yesterday afternoon there were new swing seats made and painted and put back to the delight of the children. There were several woodworking projects done in offices and clothes sorted etc.

Terry and Cathy building new swing seats

We had a daylight trip to Luckner’s Store where we enjoyed a cold drink and bought some cookies and had a delightful ride in the back of the truck…the only time I am comfortable with the temperature! What freedom you feel, like a kid again!

Terry had his hands full while trying to get us all together to practice for singing in church…I think he was disappointed in some of us (mainly Dickie and me) BUT God didn’t bless us with singing voices.  We practiced several times…do you remember Dave Buckle what that was like?  We were going to go to bed early as everyone was pooped, good plan in thought.  Cathy, the one with no luggage, went to wash her hair and dry and curl…great plan BUT in reality the generator was off by the time she was ready for dryer and curler so she had to go to bed with wet hair and rise early to get it done when generator came on.  She looked beautiful when ready for church!


I was up at 6 am this morning and its a beautiful day. I heard all the noises through out the night, even with ear plugs in I still hear it all. I’m so thankful to have this time here.

Church was at 9:30 . All the singing will be forever in my heart. No music just voices of angels and tambourines and the clapping of hands. We did have home made drums. I love listening to the worship songs and see how they praise God and sing so sweetly.

Music that stirs the soul

The Bible was read in Creole. Terry then had a word with illustrations (using a bike with parts missing. The message was from 1st Cor:12:14-20 and 27. It’s a message on how we all need to work together as a body of Christ. Terry did an awesome job and Karen translated into Creole. The kids totally understood and enjoyed taking part.

Setting up the sermon


Terry uses bike to illustrate sermon

We taught them 2 Sunday school choruses. Their acceptance of us amazes me. We loved the service.  Having  the children all around us did my heart wonders .

After church we did some group photos for when we go home. Then we all went in the back of the truck to take a lady and family home from the service.

Cathy, Terry and the kids_

The kids all have a treat after  church of cookies and juice. We are loving every minute time goes by so fast here only 1 day left.


Late afternoon we had a great time celebrating two birthdays. There were gifts for the birthday girls, cake and juice for everyone and games and races for the kids. then balloons and glow bracelets and some free for all fun.

Birthday girls


Gift time


…it is all about the children…


~Sandra, Cathy and Jim