Not a hint of a breeze came through Kay TIM-BR MART today. Whether you were edging the ceilings (Brian), the floors (Aimee), smack in the middle painting walls (Corey, Jon) or evening painting window trim (Cherie)….nothing. But, we’ll not complain too loudy or for long. The HATS workers were slugging cement for the new pathways and it was 30 plus C outside.

Of course, plenty of other things happened too (it’s like a beehive, this place):

Pretty in pink


Cherie painting with pink too


Jon doing a room in green

Brian and Jon fixed a crucial plumbing problem at the school: the yard tap where students get their water. Then there were laundry plumbing issues repaired, wooden classroom dividers repaired… Little things that sometimes pile up (particularly the plumbing problems) and cause headaches. Makes you realize how vulnerable HATS can be.

Arrival of inverter and batteries


Jon and Corey Twa moving furniture

We also administered Cholera vaccine into the community and learned that Cholera will be in this country for a while. Sadly, goats and other animals are the ‘canaries in the Haitian coal mine’: they’re found near the canal/rivers they drank from. Once more, upon entering the compound, a little shot of Chlorox to rinse your hands.

Time to buy water again

Two things caused a flurry of good activity with the kids: beach and soccer balls, courtesy of Corey: “I didn’t know they [beachballs] were going to be such a hit. The 16 soccer balls were donated by Sarah, a 14-year-old from Fort St. John who has taken it upon herself to collect and donate jerseys and soccer balls to third world countries. Sarah, thank you. Your efforts brought plenty of joy today.”
Yay! Dried cement allowed evening football with Corey and Jon. Jon gave the kids a run for their money and scored four goals.

Getting ready to play soccer with donated ball

So as another day comes to a close, I believe what’s slowly creeping in is our departure. What I can say for sure is that somehow, in some way, we’ll leave here different than when we arrived. And speaking for myself, I’m already missing the children and preparing for a small part of my heart to break when the truck drives away.

Bonding time


More bonding


TiFi likes her helmet

Today, Cherie commented: “It’s my hope that I manage to touch their hearts in some small way, the way that they have touched mine–in a major way.” ~Cherie MacDonald

Well said.

Good night and thanks for following our journey.