This is Bernie Melanson writing today’s blog. This is my first trip to Haiti and I’m hoping that it will not be my last! I could start by telling you all about my experiences however I’ll start by saying that Haiti DOES hit you in your heart! Not a day goes by when I’m not fighting back tears.

Blogger Bernie

My friends Please continue to pray for Mother Haiti. It has been 4 years since the earth quake and there are still reminders every where!

Hands Across the Sea is an amazing place! Our team has been assembled of different men that all who all felt God calling them to do his bidding. Since I have been here I was quick to realize that we are just helpers here. Karen and her team of workers are, what I believe to be, the real workers of God! Each child presents their own challenges and Karen and her staff make sure that all of the children, not one child, are seen to!

It doesn’t take but a few moments with these children for them to steal your hearts! It’s a wonderful feeling when they take a shining to you. Just last evening after dark I played alittle basketball (maybe I should say attempted to play basketball) with a few of the children when one of the younger girls came to me. I had seen her many times before, once pushing her on a swing. She looked at me in the darkness and motioned for me to give her my arm. I reached out my hand
thinking that she wanted me to push her on the swing again. She opened her hands and put a bracelet on my wrist. Then she gave me a big hug. I hugged her back so tightly! All I can tell you is that I had to step back from the play ground and try to recompose myself. Later, while in my bed I sobbed.

This morning Karen, Isaiah, Matthew and myself went for a walk down the canal this morning. The children along with Karen led the way. We seen some of the local workers working their fields. They don’t have much to work with however what they were working with you can bet that God supplied it! They work
with none of the mordern tools (tractors etc.) and they get the job done. What gifts God gave them they used! God is good to them whether they believe in Him or not!

An enjoyable morning walk


Another scene on our morning walk


Getting an early start on her laundry


Male walkers


Our morning walk


Rice being harvested and animals eating the rest

An awesome job continues to be done on the roof of Karen’s place.

Ton of work by a fantastic crew


View from water tower

My friends I know, and believe me I know, that there are days that we question our God. Why doesn’t he do this for me, when will this happen, why didn’t I get that car, hurry up God! After my experience, all I can tell you is that whether we believe it or not God is working in our life every minute of everyday! We truly serve an AWESOME GOD!

Praise His Name! Amen!

~Bernie Melanson