We had another work/fun filled day. Karen, Ti Luc, Dickie and Richard (security) headed out to Saint Marc early for the bank and they were successful and back home by 10:20! A miracle indeed!

Jim and I attended our last recess today at school and had a great time with the kids.

Last chance to be swarmed by curious youngsters

JJ and Moise carried a lot of wood up to the storage room;in the water tower after school and I was the supervisor on that job…not Jim!

Enjoying time with Sandra

Eden was building cupboards for the kitchen in Kay Timbrmart and I was also supervising on that job…there were no photos of me supervising!Jim and I took a trip to the kids home after they had their homework done armed with cars, wristbands and treats and had a fun time with many photos of Jim and each child.

Eden & Dickie – cupboard for kitchen at Kid’s house

We had soupe joumou for lunch and chicken, rice and beans for supper! Germaine had the weekend off and I was “chief cook and bottle washer” so she was a welcome sight this morning for everyone!

Going to miss Aunt Sandra

Dickie was busy as usual doing his thing, which is everything that needs to be done and more!

Getting Karen’s new family photos up

Karen was running around 90 miles an hour as usual to bank, garbage dump, meetings, childrens home, construction workers, playing with and loving on the kids and answering 50 million questions from many people.

I got to pay the employees and give out food. I don’t know why I get all the good jobs but I sure do!

More food recipients

We said our goodbyes a little while ago and it was hard…there were hugs, kisses and tears! We hope to be back in a year and do it all over again!

Sandra, Dickie & Sandra

We leave at 5:30 AM and 2 of us get to ride to Port Au Prince in the back of the truck…..see what I mean, I get all the good jobs! It is exciting and beautiful to ride back there.