Today we discovered that chickens like to sleep in the trees or bushes and not on the ground. We still have about 18 chickens for overnight and they wanted to roost in the grapevine and several of them broke their tether and got up there.

a chicken that made it’s way to the grape vine

Another busy day at HATS….I wonder if there is ever a non busy day here.

Dickie was on sewer duty, sinks, basketball net & backboard and a million other things as they arose. Jim was a Dickie helper, painted the basketball backboard, fixed a door in devotions room and of course is still attached to Karen’s computer.

Jim worked really hard today

I (Sandra) went to school right after devotions, did some more payroll, went to grade 7 and 9 to get photos of sponsored children, helped feed the children, and had my favorite meal for lunch! When the chickens arrived we had no room for them as the desks that Eden was making for the school were all in the chicken spot so Eugene and I moved 12 desks to make room for the chickens. This doesn’t sound like much work BUT it was very very hot and the desks are big and very heavy. After lunch I did food and chicken distribution. I now handle the chickens like the Haitians…..pick them up by the legs, hang them upside down and tie their legs together and pass them to them. I long to be able to handle the rice, beans, corn and oil as they do BUT am far from being able to do that yet.

New desks.  At HATS we send even the chickens to school.


The chicken lady has become good at her job


Thankful parent with food for his children

Karen and I went to Deschapelles to visit Josue and it was over a very narrow rough road. He was very pleased to see her and spoke English to me. A very handsome young man who is recovering from a bad accident.

Josue and Karen

Jim was the only one who made it to night devotions with the children!

Ti Luc had a great day after school. He loves to work on the computer with his special keyboard and then he got to use his new tools on the work station that Dickie made for him. He is a whiz with his tools and such fun to watch.

Total concentration on working with tools like a man


Ti Luc practices typing.

Karen, of course, had a very lazy laid back day as she does every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, how I wish she could have a laid back lazy day!

After their “easy” day these two lovely ladies definitely resemble each other