Have you ever thought about sponsoring a child? It’s a wonderful opportunity that many people miss out on.

I sponsor two children here at IMKH which is the school run by HATS. I decided to sponsor a child during my first trip here in 2015. The first child I sponsored was a little girl in Preschool 2. Her name is Anne Ciara and she is now in grade 1. She is a tiny little girl with a beautiful smile and a sweet personality. She lights up every time I see her and always has a smile. I see her at school quite often and she comes to our church occasionally with her older sister. It has been a blessing to watch her grow up these last few years. I have gotten to see her every time I’ve come to HATS and getting to spend time with her over the last three months and seeing her consistently has been pretty awesome.

Jocelyn and Anne Ciara 2015

Jocelyn with, Anne Ciara now in 2018

Jocelyn’s student with her in church Sunday

My second sponsor child is a girl in Secondary 3 (grade 12) who is just a few years younger than I am. Her name is Rose. I have only been sponsoring her for the last year and I haven’t gotten to know her as well as my younger child but it is still encouraging to see her at school and pursuing an education.

Jocelyn’s secondary student, Rose Guerchie

Many times when people sponsor a student, it’s just a picture on the fridge, or $25 going out every month. But sponsorship is so so important.

Sponsorship changes lives.

Education changes lives.

I have heard of many stories from the community of how being sponsored changed that kids life and how they had opportunities that they wouldn’t have had if they had not been sponsored.

These kids are not just a picture in your house.

Sponsorship is not just money being thrown away into a third world country.

These kids are real.

They have families.

They need an education.

They need a good nutritious meal every day.

They need to learn how to read and write.

But many parents cannot afford to feed their kids let alone put them through school.

Sponsorship opens up so many opportunites that these children would not otherwise have access to.

It’s not just about putting a kid through school. It’s about relationship. Nothing is more rewarding then sponsoring a child and then getting to see them in real life. To spend time with them and find out their interests and meet their siblings or families. To see what your money is going towards and how it is helping real people in real life. If you come to visit HATS, you have the opportunity to meet your child and spend time with them. You have the chance to change a child’s life, you have the opportunity to change a child’s future.

You’ll never regret sponsoring a child. Even if you never get to meet them in person you can still send letters, pictures, or little gifts to them when teams come down. It’s such a rewarding experience, you always end up more blessed when you give rather then when you receive.

Maybe you would like to sponsor a child but are worried about the finances.

It costs $25 per month to sponsor a elementary student. If I bought a new shirt, that would cover the cost of that sponsorship for one month. If you’re a Starbucks fan like me, and you buy four drinks a month, that is the same amount of money it would cost to cover a student.

It costs $35 a month to sponsor a high school student. If I went out to eat twice in one month, that would be about the same amount as sponsoring a child.

Is there something you can give up so that a kid can benefit? Do you have to have that new pair of pants, or eat out that many times? Do you need to buy that expensive fancy drink EVERY time you go to town?

Yes there are people who absolutely cannot financially sponsor a child but oftentimes we place our own wants ahead of more important things.

I love sponsoring my two girls, it adds something extra to my trips here and I look forward to seeing them as well as all the kids who live at HATS. I look for them every time I go over to the school and wave hi if I pass by their classrooms. It brings joy to me to see them getting an education and eating a proper meal every day and learning about Jesus in school devotions every morning. I love watching my little Anne Ciara sing her heart out in church praising Jesus because she knows all the words. There’s no need to give that sweet child a songbook, she has them well memorized!

I write this blog not to pressure anyone into sponsoring a child, but to share the joy and fulfillment I’ve found since sponsoring my kids. Not only does sponsorship change their lives, it changes your life too. Sometimes it’s easy to get wrapped up in our North American lifestyle and we forget how simple it really is to change someones life in a real way. Changing lives doesn’t always have to be complicated…

Here at HATS all the money goes to the kids education. It pays for their meals, their uniform, their school supplies. We do not use the donated money for administration or salaries, it is all given to educate and benefit the children. Come down and see for yourself the amazing work that happens at IMKH (Institute Mixte Karen Huxter). The school educates and feeds over 500 kids every day!

We have several children that still need sponsors. There are some adorable kids that are just starting their first year of school who look barely old enough to walk let alone be in school that need sponsors. We have secondary students who are close to finishing their education and preparing to go onto more advanced training at colleges, universities, or trade schools. And we have kids of all ages in-between that need sponsors. Please prayfully consider sponsoring a child, it is an amazing opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on!


Raising of the Haitian flag at our school

School Devotions

Grade 11 (JJ on right of screen)

HATS School yard

Jocelyn is in there somewhere

Enjoying time with Sandra

Preschool cuties

Preschool classes being taught hygiene