Sunday is usually a day of rest, but wasn’t so much for us today.   We worked before church and after church on more photos and letters and amalgamating, updating and crosschecking all of the various lists of sponsors and the sponsored children.  We only have one more day so the push is definitely on to get all of the work done before we head home.

JJ modeling his bday gift

Church was energetic and fun, except for Jonathan and Karena who both took a nap.

Karena modeling her bday gift

After church, Yvette and I took photos with our godsons, Moise and JJ.  Check out the funny photo of Moise as a blond.  That’s Yvette’s hair you see in the photo.

Me with my godson JJ


Moise as a blonde


Serious shot of Yvette and Moise


Yvette with her godson, Moise

We did take a break this afternoon to take a quick dip in the pool, put tattoos on the kids and play gymnastics with an oldmattress.  The kids thought the gymnastics session was particularly
hilarious.   The time has passed so quickly.  We know what we’ve done this week is important and makes a difference here at Hands Across the Sea.  But it’s easy in Haiti to feel that anything we do here is simply a drop in the ocean.   So much need on so many different levels: political, organizational, educational, social, spiritual…..  But we remind ourselves that each individual life is of infinite value so changing the life of one child and one family is worth the effort.

Beautiful tree by the river

One more blog tomorrow before we head home to the cold, snowy weather of Calgary.