We had two special events this week – on Sunday and again on Monday.

On Sunday we had a delightful visit from three Canadians, one man – Guillaume and two ladies – Valerie and Veronique, who work with the police force in Canada, but are presently with the UN in St. Marc and one Haitian policeman, also stationed in St. Marc.  The kids and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together with them.  We now wait and hope they will return to see us.

Enjoyable Sunday afternoon visit


Guillaume with sidekick Jonathan


Happy Magdala with Valerie


Jonathan putting little Canadian flag to good use playing with Haitian policeman


Veronique and Magdala

Yesterday, Monday, we celebrated the Haitian Flag – Fet Drapo as it is often called.  May 18th – Flag Day is one of the days that I really enjoy.  I like seeing our school yard decorated with hundreds of Haitian flags.  I like hearing the history and seeing the pride these wonderful people have in their flag.  They have a big celebration yearly but it is not just a once a year thing.  I see the beautiful Haitian flag raised every day in our school yard with the students standing, arms outstretched to the flag and singing the national anthem.  It is beautiful to see the respect and pride in their flag.

Raising of the flag prior to a couple of hours marching outside with the band

Yesterday, we had the flag raising in our school yard as usual.  We had all the students together in the church building where they listened to Met Luckner and two school supervisors of this district share some history of the flag.  This was followed by a two hour march with music supplied by a band, with our students proudly waving their flags.   They returned to the school tired and hungry but also proud and happy.

Returning to school yard thirsty and hungry after two hours marching in hot sun

Everyone received a hot meal, cold drink and then had some relaxing time to visit with friends and watch some secondary students do some Haitian dancing.  It was indeed another successful ‘Fet Drapo’ at the HATS school.

Secondary group dancing


Hungry students after a day of marching and celebrating the Haitian flag


Prescolaire students enjoying their meal


Groups of students everywhere with their meals

The HATS mission is here for the children – at the school, on the orphanage compound, and in the community.

I T     I S     A L L      A B O U T      C  H I L D R E N