The invitations said 4 p.m. to start so everyone was there by 5:00 p.m. ( they call that coming in Haiti time)  and the fete got underway. Luckner was the first to speak about Karen and the amazing job she has done at HATS. As the principal of the school he has seen the school double its student population and increase in reputation in the community through the standards that Karen and he have put in place.

Bob, Will, Brian and Jason- the welcome committee


Karen, Sandra and Leica seeing who is coming up the driveway


They are starting to gather



Many people got up to speak about their thoughts on the impact that Karen has had here in this area of Haiti. It was neat to hear the teachers at the school and a pastor from the community say that although their life has difficulties, Karen has been willing to come and live those difficulties and encourage them to a better life.

Friends and teachers


House Mothers and kids


Kids all dressed up


The honored lady

We cannot know the impact our lives have on others and we only get a glimpse when we stop and celebrate a milestone in someone’s life. The last 20 years Karen’s life has been poured out into Haiti through the children she has had and still has at this orphanage. Thank you Karen and may God continue to bless you and keep you and the children in His loving care.

It is all About the Children