School Sponsorships & Initiatives

Hands Across the Sea provides high quality education to children from preschool to grade 13 at our safe, well-constructed school campus, Institution Mixte Karen Huxter (IMKH). We also support students registered in senior secondary at other community schools. Registered with the Haitian Ministry of Education, our school follows the prescribed federal school curriculum, while working to incorporate modern approaches to teaching and learning. Ongoing teacher training and professional development help our teachers provide the highest quality education possible.

Healthy brains require healthy bodies. According to the World Food Program, school meals must be a priority in Haiti. In a country where 30 percent of the population is food insecure, a daily meal at school is a simple way to ensure that children receive at least one nutritious meal every day. A well balanced meal based on grains and beans provides between 30 to 45 percent of daily recommended calorie intake for the students. Our students receive a nutritious hot lunch each school day and for some children, this is the only hot meal they will have all day. Our meal program is key to help keep children in school. Children who receive nourishment are better able to focus in school and have more academic success.



Donation Options

If you are interesting in donating general funds to school initiatives, please donate on our Donation Options page. If you are interested in sponsoring a student or teacher, please read more on our Sponsorship Options page.

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