Since the initial cholera outbreak in 2010 that killed over 6000 people in the first year, the water-borne pathogen continues to be a danger in Haiti. Children are particularly susceptible. Hands Across the Sea is committed to the well-being of the students and staff in our school community, thus access to safe, clean drinking water is essential.

Our school has over 500 students and is growing each year. The hot climate in Haiti necessitates a reliable source of potable water for the safety of our students, teachers and support staff. In addition, we need a water source for our kitchen staff to prepare the daily hot lunches for our students.

We are currently drawing from the well next door at the main campus of Hands Across the Sea. However, as the school grows, our need is surpassing what that well can provide. We need your help to dig a new well on the school campus and install a water pump and tower so that we can be sure to have a reliable source of potable water. This project is currently scheduled to begin in 2017.

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