Hands Across the Sea is an important community member and as such is available to provide practical assistance to members of the local community including assistance in times of crisis, emergency financial support for medical needs and clothing distribution to the most needy families.

To combat rising malnutrition rates, we provide nutritional support to those whose children are at greatest risk of malnutrition through the regular distribution of rice, beans, cornmeal and oil. We distributed 2840 kg of rice, 1420 kg of beans, 1420 kg of cornmeal, and 1920 L of oil to families in the community facing severe financial need. This is an increase of 40% over last year

In the future, we hope to revive the goat and chicken program, a community development initiative that allowed families to breed goats for sale or raise chickens to sell eggs, increasing their family income and contributing to the local economy. Additional community development projects are in the planning stages.

Please note this cause recurs annually and the donation target will be reset each fiscal year.

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