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School Sponsorships & Initiatives

  • Deschapelles, Haiti
  • 8 Online Donations

School Sponsorships & Initiatives Hands Across the Sea provides high quality education to children from preschool to grade 13 at our...

Disaster Relief

  • Deschapelles, Haiti
  • 28 Online Donations

Disaster Relief Hands Across the Sea is an important member of the local community in the Artibonite Valley. People of the...

Children’s Home

  • Deschapelles, Haiti
  • 5 Online Donations

Children’s Home Our children’s home provides full-time care for children aged 0-18 years. Cared for in a family-style environment, our children...

Mercy Ministry

  • Deschapelles, Haiti
  • 11 Online Donations

Mercy Ministry Hands Across the Sea is an important community member and as such is available to provide practical assistance to...