As with all of us; life is busy, taken up with getting kids off to school, going to work, preparing meals and such. A whole day can pass here doing the busyness of life and you can miss the special moments. But I have caught a few of them and want to share them with you.

Kisses from Mama


Doing one of the Kay Mommie’s hair

Yesterday was a banner day for the littlest one, Magdala. As you may know, she arrived at HATS in July in not great shape. She is two years old but in size and development, more like a one year old. She is now well fed and well stimulated and coming along nicely. She is feeling very much at home and no longer cries when she sees Keith and me. There was a big celebration by Karen and the kids as Magdela took her first solo steps yesterday!

First steps!


Nap where and when you can!


Mama’s girl

You can imagine with 16 kids there are several times a day that one of them is doing “dezod” to someone or something that they should not be. Next photo is a moment that we have all had happen to us at some point in our childhood. Mama Karen handles the kids with love, patience and a large stick! Looks like Moise is the spokesman for the gang

Mama and her stick!

It is always a treat when Papa Luckner comes and this time he gave the kids a ride up the driveway. It is amazing how something as simple as that will get the kids excited. They spent about 20 minutes sitting in the back of the truck laughing and carrying on.

Papa with his kids.

The last moment is about the beauty I see around me every day. A walk along the canal is a treat that happens on Saturday morning around 6 as the sun is coming up.


Bye for now from beautiful Haiti and HATS.