Today was a cool 45C. The new carport is well on its way, more than well in fact, it’s nearly up. What that means is when the rainy season hits (which it will in a month or so) Karen and anyone else has a protected place to sleep outside. Remember, since the earthquake, no one sleeps inside the house. It’s only used during the day when we’re awake and can RUN! if necessary.

Bob’s certainly feeling a bit more mobile; the stomach is still a bit vulnerable but he’s listening to it and not making it do anything it doesn’t want to! He also still telling everyone what needs to be done and today has been much more involved in the labour like his usual self. Mike Cushing’s cabinetry handiwork is now firmly in place and protected against termites.

And the good food keeps coming. “I love breaks” proclaimed Rich at lunch. And we’re right there with him.


I visited the hospital that was close by today and here’s my thought about that: when I visit my doctor next, I’ll take special notice of my surroundings, the cleanliness, comfortable chairs, air conditioning and say a very heartfelt “thank you”.  I’m dreading saying goodbye to all this. The children….oosh, they find a way into your heart.



It is even hotter here now then it was in January when we were here, the thermometer doesn’t show it (it still only gets up to about  49ish during the day like it did in January) but the humidity is crazy, you can sure tell the rainy season is on its way!

We had a very productive day even though it was brutally hot, the carport roof framing is all done so tomorrow we will get the corrugated roofing material put on. I had a very special treat today, I finally was able to meet our sponsored child! (we sponsor a grade seven student through the store) what a blessing for both of us! I didn’t get the chance to meet him in January because of the earthquake. It has been such a treat to be back with all the kids, we got out of the truck when we first arrived and all I heard was a bunch of screaming kids “Brian De, Brian De, Brian De” and a whole lot of hugging going on after that. It was amazing!



What an amazing experience this has been for my son Josh & I. It has been awesome to see Josh get along so well with all the kids. What I’ve noticed today is that kids are kids no matter where you are! They all love to play and be around other kids.

Bob brought a golf club down with him and we taught “Vladi” how to swing it. Unfortunately, I sailed a ball over the roof of the kids residence but Moise amazingly found it.  Josh & I played football with the kids today and it seems “Vladi” has a future in the Haitian football club.  He’s got some sweet hands.

The highlight of the day was lunch. We had “MASHED POTATOES” which is a Huisman favourite. I think I had about 4 plates. I thought I would lose weight here but the food is so good, I don’t think that’s gonna happen!  Gotta run, bedtime’s at 7:30p.m…



Another necessary project is now underway. The foundation work has been started for a double urinal, boys and girls, is going in between the present toilet and the secondary school. Always one, two, or three projects underway at the same time.

It is extremely difficult to do computer work and desk financial report work from a standing position.  This might help some of you understand why you have not heard from me.   Still suffering a lot of pain when sitting.


P.S. For Maria (Brian’s wife): Brian tells us you’ve known each other for “a hundred or so years. Yesterday, we saw something new on Brian that apparently you haven’t: his upper lip. The jury is still out on whether he’ll let his moustache grow in for the return trip home.

Brian Here: Don’t believe it Ria, I would never shave my moustache!