Saturday afternoon is a good time for special activities, all homework is done, chores have finished and there is a lull in the business of the compound.  That’s when I brought out THE BAG!

Carol Patterson, a friend from Montreal, sent an amazing gift to the kids. Carol was able to be part of our team last October and the kids here really touched her heart. She is a teacher and had her kids in Montreal send kisses. That was the first thing out of THE BAG.

The next thing out of the bag was an alphabet book, but not just any alphabet book. It is made especially for the kids with each child mentioned by name, Creole words for some letters and lots of pictures of everyone….even the generator has a page under the letter G.


You could tell that each of them was watching for their letter and to hear their name mentioned. Needless to say the book was a big hit and is now in the library to be looked at again and again.

Next out of the bag was the snack! Those fishie crackers were not long for this world let me tell you. It is fun to watch the different personalities of the kids even in how they eat a snack. Magdala had cracker everywhere, on her little face, in her hair, Jonathan talked to himself the whole time, Josie was busy making sure everyone had the same and Jofky was playing with the fish, then eating it.


The last item out of the bag is one of the kids’ favorite things to do. Carol sent down Happy Feet 2 and the kids ended the day enjoying a video.

All in all it was a good day Maggie Muggins (now I’m dating myself!)

Thanks Carol and kids at Narnia.