It is Carnival time here in Haiti, a time to celebrate everything Haitian. Although the official holiday does not begin until Sunday, the children at school started today with a great party. Thanks to the principal Luckner Estimable, the kids celebrated together with dancing music, pink shirts that were donated and a good meal.

But there were a couple of visitors who joined in on the fun for a little while. I think we scared some of the little ones and only our kids figured it out that it was Karen and I. The older ones were so excited that they followed us to the gate next door!

Who are these masked creatures

Joining in the fun at school

Many students chasing us home

Luckner and RoseLore’s Girls Flo and Rose

More Celebrations

It is customary to dress up for Carnival and the kids at school were thrilled to have the pink shirts to make the day special. Notice the alterations that the teachers helped the kids do. There was lots of cutting going on yesterday in preparation.

The little ones like to make masks to wear and love to ham it up for their picture to be taken. It was one of their teachers that came out to Karen and I and said we had better stay away from the littlest ones. They are only three years old after all.

The music 🎶 and dancing 🕺🏾lasted until 2 p.m. this afternoon and you could see many smiling faces as the students made their way home. What a great beginning to “Kanaval”. That’s how you say it in Creole!

Because It’s All About the Children. Thanks for your support to help educate these precious children.