Good Evening ladies and Gentlemen. This is your Captain speaking. My name is Keith and welcome aboard our HATS HAITI adventure.

I arrived here last week from Montréal to a very warm welcome sign on the main gate and an even warmer welcome with hugs and greetings from the children and staff. Most of them remembered me from earlier visits and they wanted to know why Joan (my wife) wasn’t here too. I have the advantage of being retired while she is still working!!! Who wouldn’t want to come here when Jofky is waiting for you!!!!

Cute mischievous Jofky. You gotta love him

Today was school books day for Karen and I. Even though the school year started last month some of the students are still waiting for text books. They have to be organized, cataloged, labeled and assigned to each child. The books are returned at the end of the year, hopefully in good condition, and re-used for the next school year. For next year Karen needs a helper, labels and a good light-weight laser colour printer- copier.

More textbook work

During recess at the school a soccer game broke out. The guys didn’t seem to mind the rocks and some even played barefoot.

Soccer during recess

While we were at the school a couple of masons came and redid the front steps to Karen’s House. They are now wider & longer and decrease the chance of Ti-Luc falling off the top step entering and leaving his home.

Entrance steps made larger and wider so Ti Luc can enter the house unaided

This is the end of the rainy season but we are still getting some afternoon showers which make for a very welcome temperature drop.

Compound with a good refreshing rain