I am a little late but want to share some photos of our Canada Day here at the mission. We were unable to leave the compound this year with the truck covered with Canadian flags, as we did last year, due to Ti Luc not being able to leave his bed.

Happy Canada Day


Bon Fet Canada from Anne (dressed in a flag)


Happy Canada Day from our sick boy Ti Luc


Bon Fet Canada from Jonathan

Ti Luc has been ill for some time, but I am happy to report that this tough little cookie is coming though nicely. He ended up with mumps, which meant fever, pain, and not being able to eat. He was coming through that when he got mumps on the other side. He was almost completely over that sickness when he became very ill with, what we believe was, malaria. After some days of dangerous vomiting, and fever, spasms, shaking chills, etc we put him on liquid chloroquin for children. Wow, what a difference when we were finally treating the cause of the fever and illness. One employee who works at this house left on Friday very upset about Ti Luc. She saw him again on Tuesday and started to cry saying she thought he might die over the weekend.

My poor sick little boy – mumps – not fun

When we went to pick up the group in Port au Prince on Monday we left early and took Ti Luc with us. We did this because there was a medical team there from Newfoundland for a week. One of the doctors had let me know before arrival he would be willing to see Ti Luc while in Haiti. We wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and Ti Luc was starting to improve so we decided to take him with us. He rested and slept enroute to Port and was no problem on the trip. Dr. O-Day checked Ti Luc out, and then two other doctors came to meet him as well.

Dr. O-Day from Newfoundland just having checked Ti Luc over


Ti Luc can’t be found anywhere

Today he is having a good day with the team members – playing and learning. This is a fantastic group who are enjoying time and hugs with all the kids but also giving a lot of help to Ti Luc. They are teaching him and encouraging him in the use of his hands. He has been doing some amazing things today. Am I grateful?? Am I excited?? Just jumping for joy is all!!!

Therapy time with Beate for usage of hands


Ti Luc doing a great job


Colouring with his hands

Please join me in prayer once again for the final adoption paper to give to the lawyer so a passport can be obtained for Ti Luc. It appears to be very close now – but this is Haiti – and that could mean still a very long time from my experience.

The other children are doing well and enjoying a break from school. All our children passed their school year. September will find our little Karena starting school with preschool one. Judel will do preschool two. Dieunel, Josie and Ismyis will be moving into grade one. Leica, Karma and Ti Luc passed into grade two. (Not sure what Ti Luc’s schooling will end up being for Sept, but he needs something more next year.) Moise will be doing grade four in Sept, Djemima will do grade 5, and JJ and Mirlande will do grade 6. Vladimy will write his grade nine governmental exams next week and will hopefully be attending grade 10 in Liancourt in Sept.

Vladimy studying in preparation of govt exams next week

Thank you for all the help with the school generally and with sponsoring students this past year. Let us continue to work together for the children of this area of the Artibonite Valley.