This is another photo blog.  Sometimes being too tired to write, because writing requires thinking, is not a bad thing.  Photos speak more than words anyway.  Besides Joan and Keith know how thankful we are for them and how much they will be missed between now and then.


Cap-i-tan Kief has returned to Haiti. Yay!!


Kief’s better half is here too this year. Double Yay!!


Keith and Joan were welcomed ‘home’.


Keith organized luggage in van and truck for Roma team


Joan did a lot of sorting and organizing in her five weeks here


Keith has worked on or at ‘everything’ here


Joan doing schoolwork with Moise and Judel


Walking the canal


Soccer with Keith


Keith is always busy – when HATS has a team and also when we do not


Joan’s amusing first experience setting up the tents


Hockey with Keith


Handsome boy going for passport photos once again