The school looks absolutely wonderful as we were able to get most of the painting done today. The kids had a holiday today….well all except the Grade 9’s that had a day of work as exams are coming in two weeks! What a surprise the school kids will have tomorrow when they arrive.

Elementary section looking good too now


Team leader Keith & Seth lying down on the job


Almost finished

We split up this morning and the 8 hockey bags have now been unpacked and we are so grateful to you for making it possible to get the things that the kids and the adults at HATS so need. Karen was so pleased with what we brought.

Russ, Louise & Joan with lots of fantastic donated supplies

The other part of our group was painting the school.  We all finished the painting listening to a group of kids practicing their singing for Sunday. Wow can they sing. Some of the kids were from HATS and some from the neighbourhood and they are all led by Yolene, one of the house Moms. Hopefully we get that on video on Sunday! It sure made the last of the painting go fast.

Lots of work happening at the same time

The kids love to see Louise coming as she has brought her books and was telling them stories today. She has talked to everyone on the compound and all just love her. She takes every opportunity to tell others about Jesus and His wonderful love.

Skipping rope fun

We just finished a walk along the canal with the kids. TiLuc is doing so well on his special bike and can he go fast. He had me nearly running behind him to keep up!

Late afternoon walk


On afternoon walk

Haitan spagetti for supper! Can’t wait. Talk to you tomorrow night.

~Love Joan

N.B.  (Karen here – Joan does not like spiders anymore than Sandra does.  She saw this one last night – Wednesday – just before going to bed.   Joan was too close to it for her liking, and now it is waiting for Sandra’s next visit.  It will be much bigger by then sister of mine.)

Taken Wed night especially for Sandra