Due to the busyness at the moment by several members of the team of sorting out beautiful handmade children’s clothes by groups in Newfoundland I’ve ended up on blog duty.

A photo is better than a thousand words so I will write very little, but will let some lovely photos of the team and my children speak to you.

But before that I must enlarge a little on Cheryl’s entertainment to the Haitian construction workers, and to the rest of us I might add. The person who blogged the day she entertained us was just too nice, or too tired, to let you know what happened. We decided Cheryl would be in charge of the painting crew. Well, the first day she ended up with a container of paint, that sat on the top of a ladder, falling on her. She had paint all over her, including her head and face, and in her eyes. She had no cloth to wipe her eyes and no water. She quickly removed her t-shirt to find a corner of fabric to wipe her eyes and then sprinted, or streaked, up across the compound in her shorts and bra, with her body covered in paint. I could not believe my eyes. I laughed at Cheryl but more so at the Haitian men with eyes and mouths wide open watching this spectacle. Lots of painting will be happening all this week to prepare the missionary house for Seth and Jessie, who will join us at beginning of March. Now we are all waiting to see what Cheryl comes up with to top that for the entertainment for this week. While watching this, Cathy, quietly asked the question “Did I shave my legs for this?”

Enjoy the photos. And stay tuned, same place same time tomorrow night.

Cheryl with Karena, Jofky, & Judel
Jim & Magalie
Karen and her children
Ken & Ti Fi

Don & Josie

Bob & Ti Luc

Kathy & Leica
Assembly line meal preparation
Dickie & Sandra with Dieunel
Jim & Karma
Jofky, my ‘feed me’ boy
Lisa with Jofky and Dieunel at church
Karen & Timotee
Ti Luc and Papa Gwo Luc with caps from Dickie
 The motly crew and gorgeous kids

God bless.