We are having another busy day here at the mission. The school reopened today so we had a chance to join the students for devotions. It was nice to see the students starting their day by worshiping and raising their flag.

After coming back to the compound for a while we went back to the school to visit the classrooms. First stop was Mariah’s class with only 7 students today as the rest were taking an extended holiday. They enjoyed playing with playdough brought down by the team. We now understand why Mariah enjoys teaching so much as she was sitting down with playdough creating along with the students! Afterwards Luckner took us to the 7,8, & 9 classrooms to introduce us to the classes. He tried to help the students understand our reasons for coming to help and that money doesn’t grow on trees in Canada as some of them believe. He introduced Catherine a female pastor and tried to explain that in Canada females are accepted as leaders within churches. It was also interesting for us to learn that there are 4 or 5 female pastors in Haiti but they are not currently recognized as pastors by the people because of their gender. Most Haitians believe that men should be the ones in powerful positions such as this but hopefully with time that will change.

Visiting Mariah’s classroom


Visiting grade 7


Visit to grade 8


Papa Luckner and Ti Luckner at school

The broken roof from the school kitchen was removed from the yard today. Thankfully there was no school at the time it blew off and everyone is safe. Hopefully the kitchen will be repaired soon so that the students can receive meals once again.

Blown down roof at school being removed

We had some free time before lunch so a few of us spent time at the children’s home helping the house mothers. Alycia and Melissa enjoyed helping bathe Jonathan and Sandra. Emma and Melissa helped crush the beans to make bean sauce for the kids’ lunch. Brittany and Jennifer helped wash dishes. Jocelyn was on mango duty- she had to go help the kids pick up mangos that fell on the ground from the mango tree to eat.

After lunch we piled into Karen’s tap-tap and went to visit Luckner’s house/radio station/trade school/store. Wow, what a busy man! We took a tour of the radio station and are hoping to get the chance to go on-air before we leave. They played some English and Newfie music for us while we had a cold drink on the rooftop. I think we were all very impressed by this man with many talents!

On the way home from the radio station Karen took a detour to show us the area where the hospital is. We got to see the doctors’ houses and where Mariah lived for a couple of years with her parents. It was nice getting the chance to see more of Haiti! Don was rather uncomfortable all cooped up in the pan of the truck with the girls so Karen had to make a special stop to let him out.

We need a piece on the truck for Don

We managed to go for a short walk on the canal with the kids today just before the rain hit. We didn’t get very far before having to turn around so we missed out on many of the usual sights but hopefully we will get to go again!

Short walk before the rain hit


Brittanie with Josie & Ti Fi

It’s still raining here tonight so instead of visiting the radio station for our debut we opted to watch Ti Luc’s fashion show! He looks handsome tonight as usual! We must hurry before we miss the rest of the show. We are all having a blast; can’t believe it’s Thursday already!

Ti Luc modeling his new clothes from J & J

~Alycia, Jennifer & Jocelyn