Hello again another day at Hands Across The Sea and I am more tired but also more excited to be here, even with the baby cockroaches we killed tonight. If you know Karen you discern two things she is a tough small red head that has all the love in the world for her kids and she hates bugs. So as Liette pulled down the mixer box and the bugs hoped out we all jumped three feet back and from then on I was to get all the pans down and check for bugs.  Karen and Liette were not going anywhere or near anything that might possibly have something in it.

Heather sent to look for cake pans in case something pops out of them


Good sport Heather even checking the oven mitts for K & L
The best part of today was being able to go to the school and meet many kids from all over who could not help but stare at this strange white teenager coming to
their classroom. We got to go and help the school kids with writing their sponsor letters for the people all over the world that give them money.  It was so cool to be on the other end.  I got to learn the whole process and how hard it actually is. One misspelled name and you get emails on how my kid had a different name last year when I sponsored them. Yes they are all written by hand and then translated and then scanned by the computer.
Heather assisting Liette in PS1
Imagine a room full of preschool kids who can’t write or even spell. A lot of work on our end there.  Also walking into the school and asking if the kid was absent or had stopped coming to school all together. Even telling the kids that some places have up to grade thirteen and we have twelve they were shocked as they have half days and only till grade ten.
PS1 with our own Sandra doing her drawing


PS2 (4 yr olds) doing their drawings


Liette finishing up with Rose Lore’s PS 3 class


Liette, Heather and Rick in PS 3 prison
Then we got to head on down for a walk by the canal where the older boys drove the baby stroller on a rollercoaster ride through every mud puddle. We passed
a few goats and cows that the kids ran at and I was sure they would charge back but by the looks of the crazy kids they did not have the gumption.
Our canal walk through and around mud puddles galore
The final part of my day was taking the kids and giving them an art lesson which they loved.  I adored to be able to use my passion here even with the language barrier. Where I would draw something and point at it then ask what it was in Creole, where I would pronounce it and most likely say a different word but it worked out.  Something I would love to look into is combining art and missions.
Jofky proudly showing Mama his art from his lesson with Heather
Finally finishing of our day by a bit of stargazing on the roof with the older kids and still very hot here.