We eased into today after a couple of days of tough work in very hot conditions. After going to bed around 9:30 last night, the early risers woke up just before 7 o’clock with others soon after.

We decided to give our local team members a little bit of a break and took over the kitchen to cook our own breakfast. To everyone’s surprise, Steve volunteered to make a polish specialty, potato pancakes…platzkies! To everyone’s even greater surprise, they turned out great and everyone had their fill (along with, if you can believe it….sour cream and ranch dressing!!)

Preparing breakfast – Chef Steve & helpers Rich & Noah


Steve – master chef & crew

After our delicious platzkies we got all the kids ready for a moving church service. As music filled the air, we were welcomed into the community by a little boy who warmed our hearts when he said “I will pray to God for you all to come back and help us”. Different groups came up front and sang songs, including our group singing Amazing Grace. For never practicing we managed to survive and sounded pretty good! Next Rich lead the church with a reading from the Bible – Philippians 4:13 and a story about strength to follow, which was translated by Karen.

Listening to Herve & Richard sing in church


Amazing Grace by the workteam


Leica, Karma and friend singing in church


HATS group singing in church


Karen’s two littlest ones singing their own song in church

Today was a welcome day of rest and so the afternoon was spent in conversation, naps, playing with the little ones, cards… then a visit to Luckner’s radio station for a break. Upon our return, we went for a leisurely walk along the canal accompanied by most of the children, Karen, and the occasional horse or cow. Some folk stayed behind to engage in a raucous game of basketball and then another delicious meal. As has become custom, a fearsome game of online trivial pursuit takes us to bedtime.

Group photo after church


Team work to prepare the children’s meal at Kay Margo


Enjoying a break at Luckner’s


Hammerlock in basketball

Tomorrow will be our last full day to complete our many projects around the compound as well as giving it our all to complete the church roof. The day will certainly be full and no doubt rewarding.

Two beautiful females

Good night all and we’ll talk with you again tomorrow!

~Steve and Adonna