Our first full day in Haiti began with all the usual sounds; anyone who has been here knows what I’m talking about.  The sleep through the night was anything but quiet for some of the team due to the rather large party going on ALL night next door.

After a wonderful but very simple breakfast, some of the group and Karen began to share a little about their experiences during the earthquake.  As the rest of us who only knew about it through the news listened to Brian, Bob, and Karen share their stories the room was silent.  It was as if God opened their hearts and allowed them to comfortably share what was on their hearts and maybe get a little freedom from that horrible event in their past.

A Hard Day’s Work

We then figured it was time to get at ‘er.  We grabbed the supplies and headed to church!  We had gotten a start yesterday scraping the rough spots off the walls but we just couldn’t get to work because we were transfixed with the beauty of the colour scheme for the church.  We must have spent an hour ohhing and ahhing.  The scheme of Boring Keith Wight, Cracker Jack Karen, and Sulky Sandra are going to look absolutely amazing.  Words can’t describe how they look so pictures will have to do.

Boring Keith Wight and Cracker Jack Karen


Sulky Sandra

Don’t you all agree the colours are amazing?

The team worked very well today, scraping and painting…and painting.  We had great weather today and it made the day just melt away.

Nice Painting weather


Brian deux painting


Working Hard

But, all work and no play makes for a boring day.  As anyone who has been here knows, there has to be times for hanging out with the children and a midday break offered just that.

And there is always time for the kids!

As the day came to an end, the cleanup began to change the painting zone into a worship zone for tomorrow.  Once things were cleaned up and the benches placed, we headed back to the compound to clean ourselves and rest for the evening.

Cleans up well

After supper, we were reminded that tonight is Saturday night and every Canadian worth their salt knows what that mean (unless you’re me.  I don’t even know what end of the hockey bat you’re supposed to use).  That’s right.  It’s hockey night in Haiti.  And what a game!  Too bad the Leafs lost.

Hockey night in Haiti

Now, there has been a rumour going around that Karen can be a bit of a trickster.  I know!  I was shocked too.  But we were assured by her that this wasn’t so.  That she was above trickery.  Huh?

Things that go bump in the night