A big sorry for the delay in getting out a blog, but Bob and I both agree that this will be the hardest job for us here. Neither one of us are big on writing but we’ll do our best. Obviously we made it here after two good flights and then total mayhem at the airport. The main airport isn’t being used yet so we got diverted to a big garage. One hour and a half later we had recovered all our luggage, after Bob came to the conclusion that his brown suitcase we had been looking for was actually blue. The whole scene seemed really familiar to me. It was like a flock of gulls after a handful of bait in the water. MINE MINE.

We bumped into Pastor Larry Pennel and four others from Canada coming down to check on about two hundred churches, to get some idea of what was left and who is left. Bob had to borrow their phone at the garage where Karen hadn’t arrived yet to find out that she was struck in traffic. It turns out there was just as much chaos outside as inside. So we left the airport an hour and a half late which put us home an hour and a half after dark. Which meant driving in the dark dodging bicycles, buses, taptaps, mostly without any lights on, and 200,000 people all in the road. Welcome to Haiti. We had a late supper of spaghetti and sauce and right to bed, to listen to the beautiful melody of the roosters, taptaps, horns, and various other sounds.

First full day. Off to St Marc for supplies with Karen’s newly found driver Bob. (Dickie, you have competition, big time.) Something Karen forgot to tell us was that Wednesday was market day. You should have seen Bob pushing his way through 100,000 people in 200 yards of road. Finally we got to St. Marc and began shopping . Three hours later we had pipe fittings, groceries, and the fridge to put them in. This was after their attempt to put a deepfreeze on the truck instead of the purchased fridge. So we ate out in St. Marc in an interesting restaurant. Luckner pulled a sneaky trick he picked up in Canada. He paid for our meal and sneaked out. So it’s off to the compound through the traffic again. Yes there are still some standing !! So home, carry the fridge into the house, plug it in and it doesn’t work. Freezer part freezes, but the fridge part stays a bamly 12 degrees.

After that we tackled some plumbing for upstairs apartment. In the midst of this we had time with the world’s most hugable kids.

Day two. More plumbing. Bob gets a little out of line sometimes, but it only takes a small tap with the hammer to the head to staighten him out again. Oh, surprise, we’re off to St. Marc again for more supplies. No market, so it’s just a flash with Bob behind the wheel. First stop was to argue with the man who sold us the fridge. Eight- thirty in the morning a man will be there to fix it. Ok , we’ll see. Next stop, more plumbing supplies, groceries, and back home. When we arrive we have Haitian Power. To take advantage of it we grab the extension cord, drill, chisel, hammer, and up on the roof to get a hole knocked through before dark.

Had a great Quiche for supper , compliments of Martha. Then Karen gave us the bad news that we had to do this blog. So this is it . A joint venture between both of us. Will blog again in about ten days. Just kidding.

Karen here. Did a good job blogging, didn’t they? Now I am off the hook for awhile. When we picked these two nuts up on Tuesday Luckner and I saw a lot more buildings down in Port than the previous trip. Every time we go in we see newly fallen piles of rubble. And still tons of the older ones that you know have many bodies underneath. Looks are so deceiving. Buildings can look okay to the naked eye but have fallen a week later. I cannot go to PaP and return without shedding tears. We had to purchase some items downtown PaP. Luckner parked the truck in front of a police building and then when he looked up he jumped back in the truck and parked in the middle of the road. The only safe place to park on that whole street was in the middle of the road.

Last week more than ten people were killed by entering one of the damaged government buildings to look for things and the building collapsed on them. People take a chance even though the buildings are condemned and more lives keep being lost. Desperate people take desperate chances.

For those of you who have asked, my hip is doing a little better due to an injection by the doctor in PaP, but I still suffer when sitting. Thanks for the prayer support.

While Bob and Mike have been running around and working on plumbing the work has been continuing on the outside of the new house as well. The work on the water tower has been held up for a day or so due to not being able to purchase necessary wood to cut up to make the forms to pour the concrete. In the meantime Valiere has been a good help on the outside of the other construction and also to Bob and Mike.

Kids are doing well. Ti Luc continues to want to walk all the time, but has not been kicking the soccer ball with Bob and Mike yet due to not feeling quite up to snuff for the past couple of days. Hopefully tomorrow.

Blessings to all of you.