Hi everyone! Karen here. I just love getting this blog to send off to be posted.  I am glad he has not quit his ‘blogging duty’ just because he returned home to his wife.  Little did ‘Mr. Pilot Keith’ know that my blog strike ended last night when I started blogging to thank him. I sent mine off this morning to be posted and just came home from the school and found this one of his.  So now you guys will be blessed with two – one from me and one from Keith.



Yup – I am still doing the blog, but from Montreal. Apparently Karen’s blog strike continues.

I flew home on Tuesday and yesterday I was putting around my house and prioritizing Joan’s to do list for me:

  • Painting
  • Yard work
  • Put up Christmas lights
  • Fix computer
  • Plumbing

Eerily, a list not unlike I just completed in Haiti.

Anyway I was also going through my e-mails from the last few weeks when I got one from Karen!!

Where are Dickie, Keith, Luckner when I need them??????????????

“Germaine called me and asked what I have been throwing/dumping outside my house today.  She, of course, knows I throw nothing outside that is not properly in a garbage bag and then garbage can.

Anyway, there are three people I would like to ask for help in understanding what is coming out around the plumbing in my bathroom.  None of the three – Luckner, Keith or Dickie are around to be asked.  Thus, I took some photos and am attaching for Dickie and Keith.   I have questions and ideas in my head but I might be so far off base that I am only going to ask for the help of you two men.  Help please!! “

This stuff looks like a custard pudding but is hard like plastic


One of the pipes from my bathroom


Another pipe from my bathroom


It looks like it has even spattered further away.

Anyway, it was one of my projects to close up the holes around the pipes at the main house to keep the bugs and rodents out. I forgot to put it on my nightly work sheet to Karen. I used expanding foam which expanded much more than advertised. The splatter on the walkway was due to help from my 2 unnamed helpers who tracked it all over the place. They are still in training so my fault not theirs.

The mystery is solved and my apologies for alarming Germaine and Karen.

Now back to my local job list while Karen compiles a list for my next visit.

Good night from Montreal.