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July 09 – From Canada & Many Thanks!

  • September 26, 2009
  • Karen Huxter

July 29, 2009 Greetings to all friends/supporters of the HATS-Haiti Mission. This Update is in a different format as it is coming to you from Canada instead... Continue Reading

June 09 – Fencing, Vehicle

  • Karen Huxter

We were happy to have Karen, from BC, with us for four days this month. It was lovely having her here. Ti Luckner asked for her for... Continue Reading

Apr 09 – Bottles Galore, Ti Luckner, Expansion

  • Karen Huxter

Our school students wrote exams and received their report cards before Easter. Then a blessed two week break was enjoyed by everyone. Classes have resumed and we... Continue Reading

Mar 09 – Construction, Beach and Kids

  • Karen Huxter

Warm greetings once again from all of us at the HATS-Haiti mission. On the last update we talked about the completed school extension that the NS workteam... Continue Reading

Nov 08

  • Karen Huxter

You heard last from Karen mid September with a report of some of the devastation in Haiti due to the four hurricanes that had hit this country.... Continue Reading

Sept 08 – Rice Field or Lake?

  • Karen Huxter

Many of you are wondering how we are and how things are in Haiti. I, Karen, thought perhaps I should do a short update. Luckner and I... Continue Reading

Aug 2008 – School, Hunger & the youngest growing stronger!

  • Karen Huxter

Greetings once again from all of us at the HATS-Haiti mission. We were last in touch at the beginning of June. At that time we told you... Continue Reading

May 08 – General update

  • Karen Huxter

Greetings from hot and humid Deschapelles. Once again we ‘update’ all the ‘Friends of HATS’. Our children continue to do well. They are now looking forward to... Continue Reading

Jan 08 – Dec visitors and updates

  • August 3, 2009
  • Karen Huxter

Warm greetings from all of us at the HATS mission in Deschapelles, Haiti. We trust you all enjoyed Christmas and New Years with family and friends and... Continue Reading

Oct 07 – Ti Fi, Bees, Manifestations, help needed!

  • Karen Huxter

Greetings to all our faithful supporters from those of us at the HATS-Haiti mission, Thank you so very much for standing with us, Karen and Luckner, through... Continue Reading

May 07

  • Karen Huxter

Hello once again from the HATS-Haiti mission in the hot country. And believe us it is hot and humid all the time. Oh for a walk on... Continue Reading

February 2007 – School Construction!

  • Karen Huxter

January 9th saw Luckner, Ti Mili, and I, along with 3 policeman head to Port-au-Prince to pick up the 11 person workteam from Nova Scotia. I was... Continue Reading

Dec 2006

  • Karen Huxter

Hello everyone, Once again it is time to take a few minutes to catch up with all of us at HATS-Haiti. Oh my, oh my, oh my.... Continue Reading


  • Dana Kayal

Well that’s a loaded question! Why did Karen go to Haiti originally? Why did she stay? Why did we start this blog? Let’s start with the easy... Continue Reading