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Happy Mother’s Day 2010

  • May 10, 2010
  • Karen Huxter

Saturday – An extremely busy day!!!! Thank you, God, it finally happened. The cement roof was poured on the water tower building... Continue Reading

My Mom. My Hero

  • Dana Kayal

I originally wrote this for Epicure’s facebook page where they were asking consultants to write about their Mom’s. The original posting... Continue Reading

Still Getting Hotter…Yikes!

  • May 6, 2010
  • Karen Huxter

Hot and hotter.  Humid and more humid.  Yikes. It is 7:00 a.m. and my body is soaked.  My hair and clothes... Continue Reading

Rising Temperatures and Dropping Energy Levels

  • April 30, 2010
  • Karen Huxter

Another week gone.  Is it really a week since I blogged??  Yikes.   As the days and weeks pass the temperatures... Continue Reading

Up Early and Go, Go, Go Even on the Weekends

  • April 23, 2010
  • Karen Huxter

Weekend is here again.  That does not mean much here as one day runs into the next with the same routine,... Continue Reading

People Come & People Go

  • April 20, 2010
  • Karen Huxter

Sonia leaves to return to Calgary tomorrow.  We leave the compound at 3:30 a.m. to drive her to the airport in... Continue Reading

Important – Email address Update for Karen

  • April 16, 2010
  • Tim Newell

To reach Karen at the HATS-Haiti Mission via e-mail please use the following address: Nothing sent to the Starband address... Continue Reading

The Juice Business

  • April 15, 2010
  • Karen Huxter

Some of you have been asking me where is the blog. Sorry. I am too busy during the days and too tired... Continue Reading

Pray for a Behaviour Change

  • April 11, 2010
  • Tim Newell

Another ‘Never a dull moment’ day at HATS. It started with an early morning call from the orphanage house mother, Antoinette,... Continue Reading

Easter Weekend and Birthdays

  • April 8, 2010
  • Karen Huxter

Hello again from Karen and gang at HATS. I wrote a short blog to go up on Monday but obviously my... Continue Reading

Happy Easter 2010

  • April 4, 2010
  • Karen Huxter

Easter Blessings Everyone. How time flies when one is having fun! Or so the expression goes. Time seems to pass quickly... Continue Reading

Thank You to 6 Amazing People

  • March 31, 2010
  • Karen Huxter

Thank you to the team from Karen, Luckner and the HATS gang. Bob, Mike, Brian De, Aimee, Rich, Josh – thank you... Continue Reading

What’s so Fond About Farewells?

  • March 30, 2010
  • HATS Visitors

It’s 7:30pm and we’ve just spent our last few minutes with the children. Writing about work, temperatures and accomplishments seems very void... Continue Reading

“And on the 7th day…”

  • March 29, 2010
  • HATS Visitors

We rested. Well not entirely. The day began with church on the second level of the main house with some of... Continue Reading

Beehives and Letting Things Settle for a Minute

  • March 28, 2010
  • HATS Visitors

Today, HATS was a beehive of activity thanks to a few things. The delivery of some seriously rough-hewn planks that have... Continue Reading