Well our time here at HATS has been amazing and gone by WAYYYYYYYY too fast!!!!  All week anytime someone has mentioned “Monday” I have said “NOOOOOO WE ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT MONDAY!”  Well now it is Monday, we still don’t need to talk about that though.  Instead we can celebrate all of the wonderful things we have done!  We got the opportunity to love on the most wonderful kids ever, play soccer until the cows come home, hugs and squeeze the kiddies, lots of cuddles, and meet new friends.  We painted black boards, moved rocks off the road for a local; took a billion and one photos.  We ate the best food in the world, got to worship together, pray together and laugh about nothing together.  We celebrated Canada day, we played dice and made drums.  The list could go on and on forever!!!

Yeah. Kathleen is back

This mission through and through, like Karen says is “all about the children”, and this week we decided to help out in which ever ways we could and knew how.  We may have held some hands while walking and moved some stones, but at the end of the day I know for me personally the people here (Karen included tenfold) have helped me and blessed me!  Thank you too all of those who works here at HATS for putting time and energy into the lives of the next generation of Haitians.  Thank you to the board members, I cannot even begin to think of all the behind the scenes work that you guys do!  Thank you to Karen’s support system (friends, family, Luckner)!

Bringing the blocks upstairs


Beate, Ti Fi and Hannah


Helping move rocks into a man’s yard so we could use the road

Thank you parents of Hannah and Emily for letting them come down so I could get to know the beautiful daughters you have inside and out! Thank you Shawna and Carmelo for letting me hang out with Mama Beate yet again!

Sandra & Kathleen


Leica & Djemima




Drum making

Thank you Karen for everything you do, all the hard work and dedication that you put into this place, all of the work behind the scenes. Thank you for putting up with all the craziness that we bring when we come to your house for the week, just thank you times a million and one for everything Karen.

Emily’s suitcase will be carefully checked by Mama Karen before heading for airport


Some of the kids waiting for Maman to give a morning snack


After evening devotions – time on roof top with kids

I can write about my week until I am blue in the face (maybe not write that long but if you know me I can definitely talk for that long), and can sing about kit kat bars until my voice gives out, but I cannot even begin to try and articulate in song, dance, or other random art forms how thankful and blessed I am to have been given this experience not only once but twice!  Thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!