On Saturday morning we piled in Karen’s “tap-tap” to go to the market. Half the group waited in the truck while one group went in and afterwards we switched. It was really interesting to see how they set up the market. Small shelters were made with sticks from trees covered with a tarp or material over the top. Anything that you could possibly want was at the market; clothing, food, hygiene items, machetes, cooked food, drinks, goats, pigs, chickens, and on and on. We were impressed with how it was setup into sections so similar items were being sold in the same area.

Catherine & Alycia at market

The combination of heat, animals, and meat in the sun was unforgettable! The parking lot was another great sight…lots of horses and donkeys tied up waiting for their owners.

Parking lot for horses and donkeys at market


Four lovely ladies in the market parking lot


Verrettes market

I think I can speak for the team when I say that the meat was the most memorable and disgusting thing there! The smell as we walked through the meat area was unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before!

This little piggy went to market


Meat section of the market

Us “blancs” stood out as we walked through the market, everyone turned in our direction to look as we walked by. We joked about being a television show for the Haitians and becoming famous a few times!

During the afternoon some of us helped Martha ration out beans, corn meal and rice by measuring out how much was needed for each meal at the children’s home. When our work was finished we had the chance to take them rollerblading. Some of them are really catching on and are very proud that they are able to do it alone!

Well done ladies


Ti Luc must belong to Karen (or Dickie)

Later, we helped Karen prepare for the children’s baptism (batem) service – actually it is a ‘dedication’ of the children on Sunday. Some of the team will become proud new Godmothers and Godfathers for the children! In Haiti this service is very important and is kept for government records, as information is taken from birth certificates. Only a few of the kids had been baptized before coming to Karen and she has never had her own ceremony so 14 of them will be baptized on Sunday afternoon. We made sure all the children had a nice outfit to wear and many of the girls received a new dress from the donations brought down by our team.

Tomorrow will be another wonderful day as we head to church, have a baptism service for the children and plan to visit the radio station.

~Jennifer, Jocelyn and Emma