May 29th is a day in history when many eventful things happened but today Karen and Todd are both in Haiti celebrating their birthdays with a wonderful team of people from Springdale but most importantly a group of children who have touched so many hearts. For us this is an historic day!

Karen & Todd!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

The day started with a list of ‘fix its’ and they were no easy task, well not for us amateurs. First we almost had to call Lenora and Dr. Buchanan.  Germaine had broken her glasses and we had to repair them. We think even Lenora would  be impressed.

Repairing glasses

There were door knobs to be replaced and the words ‘look at Job Halfyard der luh’ echoed by Don could be heard.  Meanwhile, Karen was busy sending off her confirmation for her first missionary conference to be held in Gros Morne in August and planning her community talk in Springdale in mid August.

Replacing Door Knobs

Community people are picking up their ‘food for families’ including a 90 year old lady. Heather, Jenny, and Lacee were busy preparing for the 2nd annual Fun Day. We finished the painting at the church and then had our picture taken by the new generator. This was the result of last year’s fundraising efforts by our team. Now Karen and her mission have a reliable power source.

Lady and her helper leaving the orphanage with food


Girls preparing for fun day


Picture of Team Springdale with new generator

After painting in the 40C heat and finishing our ‘to do list’, Karen treated us to a truck ride to the meat market where we bought chicken for Sundays community meal.  We then went to Luckner’s store. The men were busy doing manual construction. We enjoyed each others company as we sipped a nice cold drink and socialized. Heather, Jenny, and Lacee made us all laugh. We did a ‘normal’ picture then Jenny and Lacee wanted to do a ‘Heather picture’. Will Haiti ever be the same again??!!

Men working at Luckner’s store


Girls ‘normal’


Girls ‘Heather’s normal’

We then went for a ride around the hospital property and the rain began to pour and pour.  Again we laughed soooo much.

Soaking wet in the back of the truck

When we arrived back to the orphanage, Dr. Todd, Nurse Jenny, and assistant Heather helped Karen as we held little Anne. She has an abscess to her leg which needed draining and a dressing.

Anne after her abscess was cared for

We ended our evening all gathered at the boys house for a planned sing along and rap with a song authored by Jonathon this week when he said, “Mama said No No No”  … It was a blast and included all the children, our Team, and Mama Karen.


~Heather & Todd