Our birthday boy.

Jonathan was one-year-old on Friday, 21st.  We had a ‘ti fet’ to celebrate.   He was so cute.  All the attention was on him and he loved it and he performed beautifully for us.

Okay I ‘m one so let’s celebrate


Mariah wishing Jonathan a happy birthday


Moise and Ti Luc with Jonathan


Roseline and Jonathan at his party

After opening his gift and enjoying his little cars, trucks and ball, he decided to sit on, and try to ride, a little trike that is too big for him.  He had fun anyway with his toys in the back and his new outfits sitting on the handlebars.  When I next get to St. Marc or Port-au-Prince I plan to purchase a smaller trike for him with funds donated for his birthday.

What is in this gtift bag I wonder
Jonathan on bike carring around his loot

His birthday was Friday and yesterday, Sunday, he started walking. He was so proud of himself.  He came from a bath and with the freedom of no diaper or clothes he decided to walk around.  Such joy on his little face.

Such joy because he just started walking

Today, day two of the walking experience, he is still quite proud of himself.  Soon we will likely see him and Sandra walking hand in hand across the compound and standing outside calling “Mama, Mama”.    It used to be Karena and Jofky.  Then Anne joined the mix and I had the three cute muskateers.  Now soon Jonathan and Sandra will come looking for their mama.

Second day of walking.

Thank you for the support for Jonathan, and the other children, during the past year.  It is easy to see when here, and even in photos, they are being well cared for.   I greatly appreciate all you do for the children in our care.


~Karen and kids