It is a boy! Three weeks old. His name is Jonathan. Number 18 in my family. He is a precious brother to my seventeen other children: Sandra – almost 6 months; Anne – 1 1/2; Jofky – 2; Karena – almost 3; Judel – 4; Ismyis – 5; Dieunel – 5; Josie – 5 1/2; Karma – 6; Ti Luc – 6; Leica – 7; Moise – almost 9; JJ – almost 10; Djemima – almost 9; Mirlande 10; Ti Fi – 11; Vladimy – 16. All the children are thrilled to have a new baby brother. My boys are especially happy as they have been asking for some time that the next baby be a boy.

My newest one – Baby Jonathan – 3 weeks old


Jonathan being introduced to his brothers & sisters


Baby Sandra welcoming Baby Jonathan

Last Sunday afternoon Mariah went to do some gymnastics with the young girls who meet Sunday afternoons at Antoinette’s church. They had a blast and want her to return. I decided she only goes if Antoinette picks her up on a moto taxi and brings her back to me the same way. Why you ask? Perhaps the photo I am attaching of the road I drove Mariah over last week, to take her to Antoinette’s, will help you understand why.

I drove this ROAD with Mariah

Mariah has been great about putting Ti Luc to bed every night. It has been a great help for me. Then I go in, pray with him and kiss him goodnight. Tonight the tables were turned. I found Ti Luc putting Mariah to bed instead, and putting her in his bed I might add. He brought a blanket (and did it himself with his hands) to cover her. Then he turned his back to her, so he had the bed railing for support for his back, and proceeded to pray just as I do every night with him. He finished it off, also just as I do, with kissing her goodnight. It was so cute. He then found me in the office and asked where he was to sleep. I told him he needed to go outside and upstairs to Mariah’s bed. I expected a negative response to that idea but he quickly responded ‘okay mama’. He, however, went back to check on Mariah just as I do him and then he ran to me to tell me Mariah was stuck in his bed. He kept saying ‘come please Mama’. Off I went and there was Mariah with her hair severly caught on the metal headboard of his bed. There was no way she could get up without me untangling it. Ti Luc thought it was just too funny.

Ti Luc put Mariah to bed and now praying for her.


Ti Luc now kissing Mariah good night

Good night folks. Thanks again for all your love, encouragement and help in every way. Can’t do it without you.