You three are missed so very much.  I have wished several times Thursday, Friday and already today Saturday, that you were still here. Ti Luc really misses you too. I have never before heard Ti Luc cry like he did when the van pulled out with the three of you.  I had to hustle him inside and cover his mouth to keep all the other children from waking up too early.

Evening devotions and goodbye Dickie, Sandra and Jim


Ti Luc up too early to say Bye to our family members


4 15 a.m. Ti Luc is up to try and keep them from leaving us


Sandra, Dickie and Jim with security Daniel at 4 30 a.m. going to head to airport

Thank you for coming to help, for doing, for doing, for doing-  but not for going.

You are definite examples of  –    IT   IS  ALL  ABOUT  THE CHILDREN

~Karen, Ti Luc and all the children