A big thank you to Steve, Grant, Pete and Darren for coming to HATS.   It was great having you four men from Brentview Baptist in Calgary.

(Pastor) Steve, Thanks for putting it together and seeing that it happened.  Thanks for ‘everything’.  ‘Everything’ covers more than I can express here.  Your coming and bringing  the group was indeed a blessing.

‘Pastor’ Steve – team leader watching Grant working on blog

(Dr.) Grant,  Thank you for coming with Steve.  I am really glad you did.  Thanks for great blogging, and for every way that you entered into life here.  It was delightful having you with us.

‘Dr’ Grant – the blogger

(Pastor) Pete,  I wish to say thank you to you also for coming with Steve.  It was fun having you around.   Ti Luc still calls you his ‘buddy’.  You have a great way with kids.

‘Pastor’ Pete – Ti Luc’s buddy

Darren, Thanks so much to you too for joining Steve and spending a few days with us.  It was indeed a pleasure to spend time with you.

‘Mr Communications’ – Darren

You are all very welcome to return.  I would like to have you back and Radio Creole wants you back.

When the team was ready to leave early a.m. Wednesday,  Ti Luc pulled one suitcase to the bus (a major feat for him) and told the bus driver he wanted to go too.

Almost ready to leave


Ti Luc taking one suitcase to bus

Less than halfway to Port au Prince we encountered a huge blockage (blokese) in traffic.    The folks in that area were protesting (and rightly so) the lack of electricity – lack meaning ‘no electricity’ from EDH for many months.   They blocked the road and so there were many miles of vehicles stuck.  Our bus driver decided to drive illegally (nothing new) to try to somehow get past the mess.  That meant that the HATS truck with Luckner and Daniel, riding shotgun, had to do likewise as we had to stick together.   It was an interesting experience, to say the least, for the team members who come from country/countries where road and driving laws are expected to be obeyed.

Blokis (blockage) in the road enroute to airport


Interesting drive illegally to try and get through the blocked mess of traffic

We made it to the airport just fine where we had to say ‘Bye for now’.  Luckner and I believe they will be back.  We believe God has started something that will continue.

Steve, Luckner and Grant chatting before leaving us for Canada

Thanks again Steve, Grant, Pete and Darren for coming and blessing us as you did.

Bye guys

All the children, the Reimers, and three of the house mothers say thank you too (as you will see in the photo) for not eating any of the sugarcane before you left as it is very difficult to find these days. They all thoroughly enjoyed eating what was purchased for you.   (Reason the group did not get to eat it is because it was put in the freezer by one of the ladies working in the kitchen.   Who looks in a freezer for sugarcane?  Not Karen for sure!)   I promise we will have sugarcane for you on your return visit.

Thanks Mama Karen for buying sugar cane for Steve, Grant, Pete and Darren but giving it to us

Blessings to the four of you as you return to your lives in Canada – a world that is very different from the world of Haiti.

With love from all of us at HATS where what we do is   “ALL  ABOUT THE  CHILDREN”

~Karen and gang